A visit to Lake Mburo National Park

March 10, 2021

With exciting variety of African wildlife, Lake Mburo national park should become one of the stops on your safari circuit on your visit to the western part of Uganda.

The park is the only place in Western Uganda where you can see zebras and the only park in the country with impalas, Slender Mongoose and giant bush rats. You can also look for hyenas, leopards, topis and giraffes in Lake Mburo National Park.

It is believed that only one Lion roams the savannah lands in Lake Mburo and therefore it is a rare sight.

Located about 340Km West of Kampala, the park that surrounds the Lake Mburo itself offers a lot more than just game drives.

Having a lake within its premises means there is more activity like a boat cruise and evenings by the Lake Side as you catch the sunsets.

The warthogs here are more people friendly but must not be disturbed. The boat cruise comes with great sighting of the hippos on the banks of the lake and crocodiles lounging by lazily.

A number of lodges have also cropped up within and just outside of park, leaving you with a variety of choices that suit your budget.

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