Why you should apply for online visas before your travel to Uganda

April 10, 2022

All foreigners are required to apply for visas online before travelling to Uganda.

All foreigners intending to travel to Uganda now have to apply for a visa online prior to travelling as confirmed by Immigrations. All foreigners and persons intending to come to Uganda for holiday, tourism, business, study, visit, medical are required to apply and obtain a visa online. Previously travellers into Uganda were able to access visas on arrival, However these new regulations were approved by the ministry and are now effective. As long as you do not have a Ugandan passport, you will now be required to purchase a visa online prior to travel. Management decided to shift from issuing visas on arrival because of delays and security reasons. People were being delayed at the airport and because of the Covid-19  and post Covid times that we are in, Immigrations management decided to let them get visas prior to travel.

All foreigners intending to travel to Uganda will now have to apply for a visa online

The decision taken on the application is sent electronically through the email provided by the applicant. If approved, a letter is sent as an attachment to the email provided. Applicants are required to click on the link to download it. According to immigrations, the visa does not guarantee entry into Uganda, as one is still subjected to secondary verification where necessary.

The new restrictions apply to all foreigners except those with diplomatic passports and officials. The restrictions also exclude members of the East African community countries, South Sudan, and a few countries listed on the immigration website.

According to Immigrations, A single entry online visa to Uganda costs USD 50 (about shs 180,000) while a multiple entry visa costs USD 100 (About shs 350,000) for up to 12 months and USD 200 for up to 24 months.

More details on visa processing can be obtained via https://visas.immigration.go.ug

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