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Visit to Entebbe Botanical Gardens, Bird sighting, Photography, Wildlife watching at UWEC, Reptile village, Exciting sunset cruise on Lake Victoria, Exploring the Equator monument


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1 Day Entebbe City Wildlife & Bird Watching Tour


The 1 Day Entebbe Wildlife and Bird Watching Tour is an exceptional Entebbe city tour crafted for you to explore the beautiful Entebbe town which was once the capital city of Uganda. Entebbe is most probably the starting point for your Uganda travels on your arrival into Uganda while starting your Uganda Safari adventure. Entebbe is a small but very interesting town to stay while in Uganda. Entebbe has Uganda’s only international airport, the official state house and several other key government offices. Entebbe would have been an Island on Lake Victoria had it not been for a stretch of land leading to Kampala city.

The 1 Day Entebbe Wildlife and Bird Watching Tour is an ideal family day out package and the activities done can also be incorporated into your Uganda Wildlife safari. The 1 day Entebbe city tour involves a visit to the Entebbe Botanical Gardens on the scenic shores of Lake Victoria, Uganda Reptile Village, Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC), a sunset cruise along Lake Victoria and a visit to the Equator. Your 1 Day Entebbe Wildlife and Bird Watching Tour begins and ends in Kampala / Entebbe Towns.

1 Day Entebbe Wildlife & Bird Watching Tour – DETAILED TOUR PLAN

Wake up early to have breakfast and depart your Hotel in Kampala or Entebbe with your driver guide from MuAfrika Adventures to begin your Entebbe city Tour Expedition. Your First visit is to the Entebbe Botanical Gardens on the scenic shores of Lake Victoria and involves sighting a diversity of birds and monkeys. Get to learn more about the different plant and tree species while here, The Entebbe Botanical Gardens was established in 1898 by the first curator, A Whyte. The gardens are divided into different zones, including a rainforest zone. The gardens have a collection of species of plants from the tropical, sub-tropical and temperate zones, besides several shrubs and other plants which regenerated naturally over the years. The habitat has attracted a diverse array of birds -206 species both forest and shorebirds and monkeys recently introduced the Black and White Columbus and Vervet Monkeys. The most common bird species are Ruff, Wood, Common, Marsh Sandpipers, Common Green Shank, Long-tailed and Great Cormorants, Madagascar Bee-eater, Green Crombec, Orange weaver, Golden and Yellow-backed weavers, Superb sunbird, Bare-faced go-away-bird, Ross’s and Great blue Turacos, Grey and Brown Parrots, Palm Swift, Little Swift, Entebbe Weaver an endemic to Uganda that was recorded at the site only once, White-spotted Flu tail among others.

Your next visit will be the Uganda reptiles’ village a community-based organization and home to about 50 different reptile species. Here, you’ll see everything from cobras, alligators, boomslangs, chameleons, tortoises and the most poisonous snake in Africa the Gaboon Viper. You will then connect to Uganda Wildlife Education Centre  (UWEC) or more popularly known as Entebbe Zoo which offers a perfect introduction to Uganda’s incredible biodiversity with sightings of different animals including among others giraffes, zebras, Uganda Kobs, bushbucks, lions, leopards, crocodiles, waterbucks, chimpanzees, birds including the elusive shoebill storks, crested cranes, and many more. The zoo has an animal breeding programme in place for endangered species and an animal veterinary hospital. UWEC contributes to wildlife research and educates the public about the importance of wildlife conservation. The Centre has grown in size and given its ideal location, is considered one of the best places for showcasing Africa’s wildlife. The majority of the animals at UWEC were rescued from poachers or accidents.

While at (UWEC) engage in theBehind the Scenes Experience and Tour’ This experience is offered to tourists who are interested in more than just the sights and sounds of the animals at the Centre. The experience offers visitors a rare opportunity to interact closely with many of the animals at the Centre while getting to know their life stories. You will observe their behaviour and routine activities from the time they wake up till they retire to their enclosures. The experience is completely different and cannot be possible during a standard safari. By the end of your time on the tour, you will learn to appreciate the work done by the caretakers of the zoo. The experience is divided into three categories. The keeper’s guided tour, Vet for the day experience and the Keeper for the day experience.

Later in the evening, you will sum up your 1 day Entebbe tour with a sunset cruise along Lake Victoria. This 1 and half hour’s exciting boat ride comes with breathtaking views of scenic Lake Victoria, one of the world’s freshest and largest lakes. It is shared between Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania and is a great place for fishing and among some locals, swimming. Relaxing at one of the many beaches in Entebbe and watching the lake from the comfort of a lounger while listening to some good music is also fun. Your boat trip will involve exploring the Equator monument on one of the stone islands on Lake Victoria.  Later meet your Uganda safari guide from MuAfrika Adventures for drop off to your hotel or place of residence in Kampala or Entebbe City.

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The above 1 Day Entebbe Wildlife and Bird Watching Tour includes

  • All Guiding fees
  • All Entrance fees to the mentioned sites
  • Fulltime English-speaking Uganda safari guide
  • Ground Transportation and Fuel
  • Lunch
  • The Behind-the-Scenes Tour Experience
  • All the listed activities except the optional ones
  • Bottled water on 1 day Entebbe Wildlife and Bird Watching tour
  • Relevant government taxes

The above 1 Day Entebbe Wildlife and Bird Watching Tour excludes

  • Tipping
  • Personal Insurance
  • Telephone bills
  • Visas
  • Shopping expenses
  • Alcoholic/beverages drinks
  • Optional Activities
  • Hotel /lodge fees after your 1 day Entebbe Wildlife and Bird Watching Tour

What to carry on your 1 day Entebbe Wildlife and Bird Watching Tour

  • Safari shoes
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Safari clothes
  • Light rain jacket
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Safari shoes

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