13 Days best of Uganda hot springs & Wildlife Safari Experience


Hotsprings Visit, Game drives, Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel, Chimpanzee trekking, Boat Cruise on the Nile in Murchison Falls,


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This 13 days best of Uganda hot springs and Wildlife Safari Experience takes you on a rare experience to Uganda’s Hot springs and offers you an abundance of Wildlife, scenery and cultural experience in Uganda safari destinations where you will be able to visit the refreshing and calm hot springs and get the most out of your geothermal soaking experience as  you absorb minerals of Water with the local Communities who believe that the hot springs have healing powers to their diseases in these areas of Kitagata Hot springs, Take a Canoe ride on the Lake Bunyonyi, Ihimba Hot springs and an Optional encounter with the elusive gorillas of the Mountains on a challenging Gorilla trekking tour  in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park for an encounter with the Tree climbing lions of Ishasha and a Boat ride on the Kazinga Channel, Visit the Rwagimba Hot springs and proceed to Uganda’s Primate Capital to meet man’s closest relative the Chimpanzees and other primates as you head further to the famous and mostly visited Sempaya hot springs, you will proceed to Kibiro Hot springs and view the best of Wildlife in Murchison Falls National Park and hike to the thundering top of the Murchison Falls in the north of Uganda. End your Ugandan Hot springs experience with a visit to the most attractive place in West Nile, the Amoropii Hot springs found in the Northern part of Uganda which is located about three Kilometers from the famous Panyimur Fishing Village of Nebbi District on the Western shores of Lake Albert.

13 Days best of Uganda hot springs & Wildlife Safari Experience – DETAILED ITINERARY

DAY 1: Arrival at the Airport and transfer to Hotel in Entebbe or Kampala City

You will be met by a Safari Guide from MuAfrika Adventures who will transfer you to your hotel on time for your Overnight at Hotel No.5, Lake Victoria Serena Golf Hotel, Cassia Lodge.

Meal Plan: (BB)

DAY 2: Transfer from Kampala to Kitagata Hot Springs

After your breakfast, our driver-guide will pick you up from your Hotel and drive west to Kabale District, Enroute stop at the Equator line for photos, proceed to Mbarara town for your lunch stop, and later drive through Bushenyi and Ishaka to reach Kitagata Hot Springs. These Hot springs are two adjacent to each other namely the Ekyomugabe and Mulago and the Water to the springs is supplied by River Ngaromwenda. The Scenery around the springs is also attractive like the Conical Hills and the beautiful green Vegetation of trees and grass. These springs are believed to have healing Powers by local people.

Later in the evening after your Kitagata Hot Springs Visit, proceed through Ntugamo arriving in Kabale town to your accommodation for dinner and overnight or on the Lake Bunyonyi Island at Bird’s nest Bunyonyi,  Arcadia Cottages, Heritage Lodge Habuharo Island.

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

DAY 3: Take a Canoe Ride on the Lake Bunyonyi Island and visit local Communities, Afternoon Visit the Ihimba Hot Springs in Kabale District

Breakfast at the lodge as you enjoy the beautiful sounds of birds in the morning by the lake bunyonyi, then proceed for a boat or Canoe ride at the lake to different Islands. Lake Bunyonyi lies 1,962 kilometres above sea level. Lake Bunyonyi is surrounded on all sides by steep hills. At 3,000 feet (900m) deep, Lake Bunyonyi is thought to be the second deepest in Africa. It is one of the best birding spots in Uganda. The 29 islands of the lake are breeding grounds for the African Harrier Hawk, Malachite kingfishers, pied kingfishers and Egrets among many other species of birds. Lake Bunyonyi is free of Bilharzia, crocodiles and hippos but is considered very deep by normal standards. If you are not a good swimmer, it’s better to stay clear of the lake unless you are on a boat with lifesaving equipment. While on a boat ride or canoeing, you will be taken to visit the beautiful islands where you will get even better views of the lake, surrounding areas, rolling hills and terraces. Most of the islands are named after the dominant bird species there. One particular island is known as the punishment island. The Bakiga tribe living in the area once had a cruel culture of abandoning all girls who got pregnant before marriage on this particular island.

You can also take a stroll along the lake shores to spot some of the birds. Also, visit the Batwa and Abaheesi Community of blacksmiths. The Batwa of Lake Bunyonyi live mostly in the Orugano forest, Echuya Forest and surrounding areas of Lake Bunyonyi. Spend time and interact with them as you learn about how they make ends meet.

Later proceed to the Ihimba Hot springs. These springs have a long history and this is where the Bahimba people who leave near the springs derive their name making it a special destination for anyone who loves culture. Ihimba hot springs have a long trail of notable healing among the local people though not yet scientifically proven. The water from these springs has been found to contain varying amounts of minerals and chemicals which are known to have medicinal values in them. The minerals and chemicals include sodium chloride, Potassium chloride, lithium sulfate, calcium sulphate, Calcium Phosphate and magnesium chloride among others. Later proceed to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park on time for your dinner and overnight.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

DAY 4: Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Forest National Park (OPTIONAL ACTIVITY)
Early in the morning, We head to the Gorilla trekking area of Bwindi Forest Gorilla National Park, arrive before 8:00 am, and report to the ranger station for a briefing with the guides, set off for your Gorilla tracking activity in the forests of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Gorilla tracking can be strenuous, you will need to carry a packed lunch, drinking water, wear comfortable boots or jungle shoes suitable for steep muddy slopes, put on earplugs for those who feel uncomfortable with jungle sounds and take a rain jacket. Walking sticks will be made available for those that require them by the park rangers.

In case you have the afternoon free, have a guided village walk to nearby communities to see and experience the different aspects of Ugandan lives, cultures and lifestyles like the Batwa pygmies.
Dinner and Overnight as above.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

DAY 5: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park, Game drive in the Ishasha Sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park

You will wake up to your morning breakfast, check out of your lodge and transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park, It is home to unique tree-climbing lions. A journey from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to Queen Elizabeth National park can take a 4 to 5 hours drive to access the park. Proceed the drive through the Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park as you search for the Tree Climbing lions. Enjoy your lunch in the Ishasha region after which you will go for an evening game drive in the Ishasha sector a famous sector for tree climbing lions where you will be able to sightsee them hanging on fig tree branches. Later proceed back to your lodge for dinner and overnight stay at Ishasha Wilderness Camp, Topi Lodge, and Ishasha Jungle Lodge.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

DAY 6: Morning Game drive – Afternoon Boat Cruise on the Kazinga Channel

Wake up to an early breakfast and snacks as you prepare for your morning game drive in Kasenyi sector of Queen Elizabeth national park. On your game drive, you will spot a variety of wildlife species such as African elephants, lions, buffaloes, antelopes, impala, common warthogs, waterbucks, leopards, and in the morning hours is a high chance of seeing animals going back to their hideouts. Drive back to the lodge relax and have lunch as you get ready for the afternoon boat cruise.

In the Afternoon go on a boat cruise on the impressive Kazinga channel where you will have a chance to see huge numbers of hippos, water birds and other animals on water banks like elephants, buffaloes, crocodiles, antelopes for an outstanding boat experience of a lifetime. Later return to the lodge for dinner and overnight at the Lodge as above.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

DAY 7: Transfer to Rwagimba Hot Springs in Bunyangabu District proceed to Kibale National Park

After breakfast at the lodge, we drive out of the park with a Game drive enroute and proceed to Rwagimba Hot springs found on River Rwimi which separates Kabarole and Bunyangabu districts. Besides the familiar stories of this river flooding in the rainy seasons; Rwagimba hot springs offer steam baths that draw multitudes to this place. Locals come to this place to cure their afflictions and to take a bath in the hot springs. Later proceed to Kibale Forest National Park to your Lodge on time for your dinner and overnight at Ndali Lodge, Primates Safari Lodge, Turaco treetops, Kibale Forest Camp.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

DAY 8: Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale National Park – Bigodi Swamp and Community Walk

An early morning breakfast, report to the ranger station at about 8:00 am for briefing before you start tracking chimpanzees in the forest and this will enable you to view other primates like the Colobus monkeys, Mangabeys, baboons, Bushbabies and many more. You will move with a guide who will make your walk informative and productive making it interesting. He will provide information on both flora and fauna. Have lunch and then in the afternoon you will go for a walk to Bigodi Swamp which is known as a bird-watching sanctuary for plenty of birds and rare fauna and flora.

Later Proceed for a Community Walk to Bigodi Village following the village path through banana and Coffee Plantations and visiting traditional homesteads, learning about the crops and listening to the storytelling of an (elderly man). This walk is an initiative of the inhabitants of Bigodi Village and the revenues are shared by the community return to the lodge for your Dinner and overnight as above.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

DAY 9: Transfer to Buranga Hot Springs and Sempaya Hot Springs

After early morning breakfast, drive to Buranga hot springs. On your way to the hot springs, you are welcomed through the lowland tropical rain forest. The Buranga hot springs are formed by three hot springs dispersed at a walkable distance from each other. These are Mumbuga springs, Nyansimbe springs and Kagoro springs. Proceed to the Sempaya hot springs that are commonly known as Semuliki Hot springs located in the Semuliki National Park. These Hot springs have boiling Water at a temperature of over 130 degrees centigrade able to boil eggs within 10 minutes. These Hot springs have the Male and Female Springs called Bintente and Nyasimbi. The Female Springs push water up to three metres high. The walk between Sempaya’s two springs takes half an hour through the semi-deciduous forest a fragment of DRC’s Ituri Forest.  Drive to the Lodge for dinner and over at the Lodge or Camp at Semuliki Safari Lodge, Kyaninga Lodge, Fort Motel

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

DAY 10: Transfer from Fortportal Town to Hoima District

We will embark on a Long drive from Fortportal to Hoima District through Farm Land and Home towns. On arrival transfer to the lodge for dinner and overnight at Hoima Kolping Hotel, Hoima Cultural Lodge.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

DAY 11: Kibiro Hot Springs, Afternoon transfer to Murchison Falls National Park for a Boat Cruise on the Nile.

After breakfast, drive north of Hoima Town to visit Kibiro Hot Springs and Salt Gardens in Kigorobya Sub County near the Shores of Lake Albert at the base of the Western Rift Valley. Water from the springs is continuously boiling at 100 degrees as evidenced by the Water bubbles. Near the Hot springs in the Eastern direction is a high escarpment that is about 100 meters east of the springs and Lake Albert is less than a kilometre away west of the springs. Fishing on Lake Albert and salt mining at Kibiro salt gardens, which is next to the hot springs, are the main economic activity in this area. There are several salt gardens, and salt is mined using traditional methods. Many individuals visit the area because they believe the water may cure a variety of illnesses. As hot water emerges from the earth, bubbles develop, and you may lay bananas, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, and eggs here, where they will boil until ready to eat in a matter of minutes. This water is salty because it originates from a salty rock. It flows like a torrent from the hot springs and into Lake Albert. It is so ridiculous that some animals enter this water from the springs believing it to be the same temperature as Lake Albert and die there.

After lunch, we drive to Murchison Falls National Park for an afternoon boat ride on the Nile Delta which takes you to the bottom of the falls and provides an opportunity to view some of the water animals like the crocodiles, buffaloes, hippos and plenty of birds. You will also get to Hike to the top of the falls where the Nile perfects its beauty. Here you will see the Nile forcing itself through a narrow gorge to fall a distance of about 150 ft. down producing a thunderous roar of white water for incredible scenery!  Later we drive to the lodge for Dinner and Overnight at Paraa Safari Lodge, Fort Murchison Lodge, Hornbill Bush Lodge.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

DAY 12: Game drive in Murchison Falls National Park – Proceed to Amoropii Hot Springs in Nebbi area of Northern Uganda

After an early breakfast, embark on your early morning Game drive in the northern circuit of the park. This drive will reward you with game-like, leopards, hyenas, lions, jackals, elephants, buffaloes, Waterbucks, Hartebeests, Uganda Kob, Oribis, Baboons and many more. Later enjoy your Lunch and in the Afternoon Proceed to the most attractive place in West Nile, the Amoropii Hot springs found in the Northern part of Uganda which is located about three Kilometers from the famous Panyimur Fishing Village of Nebbi District on the Western shores of Lake Albert.

These hot springs are rooted in the worship traditions of the Alur people because they are believed to have divine powers and it is where the gods of Amoropii reside. Amoropii hot springs got its name from Alur words meaning hot water. “Amoro” means hot and “pii” stands for water.
It is believed that barren women bathe in the hot spring as well as those in need of fairer and tender skin. However, one must first get permission to visit these springs and illegal visiting of these hot springs may cause problems such as snake bites.

Locals sacrifice animals and domestic birds to appease the gods at the springs every six months. The sacrifices are then left in the open and it is said that they vanish by the morning of the next day. The Alur community believe that the gods residing in the heated waters of the Amoropii hot spring have divine powers, which bestows them with miraculous healing power so people flock there for healing. Barren women visit the springs with the hope of conceiving thereafter, skin colours change, and other ailments disappear after bathing here, and those who boil their Obushera porridge here enjoy immunity from sickness. As repayment to the gods, locals often perform animal sacrifices, and any wishing to visit the site must first get the blessing of the Prime Minister of the Panyimur Chiefdom. Later after the Visit transfer to Satellite one Hotel for your dinner and Overnight

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

DAY 13: Drive back to Kampala proceeding to your Hotel in Entebbe or Kampala Before your flight Home.

Embark on a long day drive from Nebbi to Kampala enroute through various beautiful physical scenery. Arrive in the afternoon and continue with the drive to Entebbe international airport to catch your flight home. End of your 13 Days best of Uganda hot springs & Wildlife Safari Experience.

The above 13 Days best of Uganda hot springs & Wildlife Safari Experience is inclusive of:

  • All Accommodation and Meals as Per the Tour Plan / Itinerary
  • All Ground Transport and Fuel in a 4×4 wheel drive.
  • An Experienced English speaking driver guide and all his Expenses
  • Park Entrance fees
  • Vehicle Entrance Fees
  • Ranger Guide Fees
  • Hot Springs Visit
  • Game drives
  • Boat Cruise on the Kazinga Channel
  • Boat Cruise to the Bottom of the Falls
  • Visit the top of the Falls
  • Chimpanzee trekking Permit
  • Bottled Mineral Water on board
  • All Activities as Per Itinerary

The above 13 Days best of Uganda hot springs & Wildlife Safari Experience Excludes:

  • Optional Gorilla trekking Permit $700 Per Permit in Bwindi Impenetrable Park
  • International flight Fares and Visas
  • Expenses of personal nature
  • Tips & Laundry
  • Alcoholic Drinks

What to bring with you on your Hot Springs Tour

  • A swimsuit. In case you plan to soak in the geothermal hot
  • A towel. Always pack a towel in case you plan to soak in the hot springs
  • Drinking water. Since hot springs are dehydrating, pack a water bottle for ample hydration throughout your soak.
  • Flip-flops or sandals can make or break an experience when surfaces are either hot.
  • Sun Screen

What to bring with you on your wildlife safari

  • Rain Jacket is essential as it could unpredictably Rain
  • Light Clothes as the sun does shine pretty bright in Murchison falls and Queen Elizabeth National Parks
  • Torch is essential for safety purposes
  • Sunglasses to protect you from direct sun rays
  • A zoom lens Camera for photographs
  • A good insect repellent to keep those persistent Insects and Mosquitoes away.

NB: It is not a Guarantee to see all the Various Animals in the Parks, especially Cats but there is a great chance that you might see them during an Evening or Early Morning Game drive because it is less hot around that time and therefore the animals are freely roaming around as opposed to typical afternoon hours when it gets too hot for the animals and they go undertaking cover from the sun.

Time & Dates of Travel: This is a private tour, departure can be organised for any time throughout the year subject to the availability of accommodation and transport.

Accommodation Booking: The Accommodations Mentioned in the Program depend on availability and Reservations are only made after your booking Confirmation. In case the mentioned accommodations are not available during the requested period, we will always do our best to book one for you in the same Class. This is done only after consulting you. While on a Safari always be sure to have all your belongings before checking out of the Accommodations to avoid losing things that may be important to you.

Transport: Our Safaris involve a lot of travelling on main Tarmac and Dirt Roads thus transport is provided in closed 4X4 Wheel drive Toyota Land Cruisers for all luxury Tours and the standard 4×4 Wheel drive Safari minivans for all Midrange – Budget Safaris. All Vehicles are provided with pop-top roofs for easy and excellent safari viewing. All passengers will have a dedicated window seat. Your professional English speaking and courteous driver/guide will be at your disposal for questions or translations.

For fly-in Tours/safaris / Private Charter flights: a combination of light aircraft and small plane Charters can fly you to all National Parks in Uganda Such as;

  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Kisoro and Kihihi Airstrip) for your Gorilla Trekking Safari.
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park (Mweya and Kasese Airstrip) to view the Park’s Big Five Game Safari.
  • Murchison Falls National Park (Pakuba and Chobe Airstrip ) to view the Park’s Big Five Game Safari and the Murchison Falls.
  • Lake Mburo National Park ( Mbarara Airstrip)
  • Kibale Forest National Park ( Kasese Airstrip)
  • Kidepo National Park.  These Flights decrease the miles on the ground needed to reach remote destinations. This is also Combined with the use of closed 4×4 Wheel Drive Vehicles with pop-top roofs that pick you up from the Airfields since they are located far away from the National Parks and Lodges that are usually in remote areas and this may involve some travelling on main tarmac or dirt roads to reach the final destinations.

For more information about our 13 days best of Uganda hot springs and Wildlife Safari Experience;

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