Why you should Visit Uganda

November 12, 2020


In 1907 a young member of the Parliament, Winston Churchill based on his experience of the beautiful Wildlife, Nature, Culture, birds, Physical Features, said “Uganda kingdom is referred to as the pearl of Africa!”

Uganda is Located in the Eastern Part of Africa, It is bordering Kenya to the East, Democratic Republic of Congo to the West, South Sudan to the North and Tanzania to the South and Rwanda to the South West.

Uganda is a land locked Country with no access to the sea, it is in the heart of the great lakes region and is surrounded by Lakes Edward, Albert and Lake Victoria.

Over the years Uganda has been and is constantly Changing, growing and inventing itself into a nation of Opportunity and below are the top reasons as to why you should choose it as your Next destination.


Uganda largely Experiences a Tropical Climate with alternating seasons; the wet and dry season. It receives 2 Wet seasons and 2 Dry Seasons because it is located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, thus the wet area is near the Equatorial Region while the dry area is near the desert. Most Parts of the Country experience abundant rainfall during the Equinox that is when the sun is overhead the Equator. The Rainfall received changes with Altitude, With Warm Temperatures Experienced throughout the Year.

The tropical climate of Uganda is subdivided into

  • Wet Tropical / Equatorial Climate is experienced in the islands of Lake Victoria, Parts of Rwenzori Kigezi as well as Entebbe, Kampala and Jinja.
  • Wet and Dry tropical climate is experienced in Northern Uganda, parts of teso sub region in Eastern Uganda, Parts of Bunyoro, Nakasongola area and around Lakes Edward, George and Lake Albert. This type of climate also covers areas within the Western Rift Valley with two rainy seasons and two dry seasons with one dry season usually occurs at the end of the year lasting 3 months.
  • Dry tropical Semi-arid is experienced mostly in Karamoja sub regions in North Eastern Uganda and Ankole – Masaka Corridor. There is little and unreliable rainfall, a short rainy season and long dry season lasting between six to eight months. There is low humidity and winds are dry, skies are clear.
  • Montane Climate, Rainfall is experienced in mountainous and highland areas like Mountain Mufumbira, Rwenzori Mountain, and Mount Elgon. The Temperatures decrease with increase in Altitude. Rainfall is highest in the middle slopes and minimal at the top of the mountain

Uganda is covered in green natural Vegetation that is Savannah Grassland all year round. The major economic Activities carried out in Uganda due to its tropical climate is Crop growing, Mining, Fishing, Tourism, Trading, and Craft making.


Every person wants to travel to peaceful and safe Country, Uganda is a popular travel destination with thousands of Tourists every year thus making it one of Africa’s Safer Countries to travel to considering its safe, secure and politically stable.

The government of Uganda has concentrated its efforts on reducing crime and improved security has eliminated the need for extraordinary security measures in the region.

The safest Place for a Visitor in Uganda is to be on a Safari. Uganda’s savannah , Primate Parks and other tourist destinations have extra level of security that have been put into place for domestic and international Tourists. Due to the Peace and the country’s uniqueness as the region’s Primate Capital, adventure Capital and birding destination !


Uganda has extremely hospitable, welcoming and the Friendliest people in the region. Uganda’s Traditional welcoming and friendly attitude is part of a Ugandan Culture. People always try to help as best as they Can. When Visitors do arrive in Uganda, they are amazed by how wrong they were about the Country since the opposite of what they thought awaits them.

Ugandans will always care as they really want to help, Show directions, Share a meal and many other things that would need help, thus making Uganda one of the friendliest countries in Africa.


Uganda is home to many different ethnic groups with about 56 different tribes and a number of ethnic groups all around the country with atleast each speaking its own language with English and Kiswahili spoken as the Official Language, each ethnic group having its own staple Foods, a variety of fresh and rich cuisines and the famous Street food being the Rolex. Also with a variety of Cultural Dance styles varying from each culture, different dress codes e.t.c.


Uganda’s 10 National Parks are a home to the Big -5 lions, leopards, Elephants, Hippos, Buffaloes. Plus the Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees making it an African Big -7 Destination. Uganda also boosts unique Wildlife like the tree climbing lions of Ishasha Sector of Queen Elizabeth, the Nile Crocodiles, and Hundreds of Colorful butterflies on the Paths and in the Forests. With a thriving Elephant Population, the Nubian- Rothschild Giraffes, Hippos, Vast herds of Buffalos and Antelopes.

Uganda is Home to the semi-arid plains of Kidepo National Park as you get off the beaten track to its big game, rugged Mountains.

Uganda is Home to the highest density of Primates in the World, Chimpanzees in the dense Tropical Rain forests of Kibale Forest National Park, Kyambura Gorge, Kalinzu Forest Reserve and Budongo Forest. The Golden Monkeys in Mgahinga National Park.

Home to the ancient crater lakes Overshadowed by the highest point and snow Capped Rwenzori Mountains with its highest peak Magheritah at 5,110M above seas level and the Virunga Volcanoes, Mt Elgon capped  by one of the World’s Largest intact Calderas.


Uganda is home to the source of the Longest Mighty River in the World. The Nile which stretches 6,67Km, has its source in Jinja on the Lake Victoria which is home to the Source of the longest River Nile in Africa and one of the unique rivers that is flowing northwards into the Mediterranean Sea. The main tributary of River Nile in Uganda is River Achwa. River Nile in Uganda is   divided into; Victoria Nile which flows from Lake Victoria through Lake Kyoga into Lake Albert, Albert Nile which flows from Lake Albert to Nimule town at the border of Uganda and South Sudan, the White Nile is the longest part of River Nile and starts its journey from nimule into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile River is found in 5 countries like Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt. Water Falls on River Nile in Uganda such as Karuma Falls, Murchison Falls, Itanda Falls, Kalagala Falls offer opportunities for Water activities such as White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Boat Rides.


Uganda is Home to more than half of the World’s remaining, endangered Mountain Gorillas and can’t be found anywhere else but in the Virunga Massif shared by Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC. In Uganda these magnificent apes can be found in the dense Forests of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Mgahinga National Park in the south western part of the Country. In 2019 CNN Travel named Bwindi Impenetrable Forest with its Mountain Gorillas the most beautiful place on Earth. Mgahinga Gorilla Park was Number three on the Must Photograph List.

  1. BIRDS

With over 1,060 bird Species which is 11% of the global total, making Uganda a top birding Destination which has more than 58% of all Bird Species found in Africa,  including some of the Albertine rift Endemic species like the yellow eyed black fly catcher, Handsome francolin, Blue headed sunbird. The very Common Birds and Rare species like the Shoebill Stork, The Great Blue Turaco, Yellow bill, Ituri batis, Shelley’s crimson Wing. And the Migrant bird species. Uganda’s Wetlands and Savannah are great Habitats for some of the World’s most Spectacular Birds making it a bird lover’s paradise.

Uganda is an affordable Safari Destination, Compared to its neighboring Countries; The Gorilla Permits Cost Less, Entrance Fees to the National Parks and Activity Fees are less, Accommodations, lodges, Camps have lower Costs thus a Country to consider as your Next Travel Destination.



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